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Named to INSIDE Public Accounting’s 2014 list of “Most Admired Peers” and Accounting Today’s “2013 MP Elite” list for staying entrepreneurial, Andy Armanino is a former Managing Partner of 乐鱼平台app, 最大的注册会计师之一 & 国内的咨询公司. The firm has been named one of the nation’s top 25 “Best of the Best” numerous times. Andy’s past honors also include “Top 100 Most Influential 人 in Accounting,” “Most Admired CEOs” and “Most Admired Managing Partners” in the nation.

Andy was Managing Partner at Armanino from 2005 to 2018 where he focused much of his time on firm strategy, 经济增长和文化. Included in his accomplishments are twice doubling the firm's size, 新服务的积极增长模式, 扩大技术提供和收购. Also during his tenure, Andy oversaw the creation of a best-in-class Learning & 提供领导力的发展计划, technical and professional development training to ensure a culture of opportunity exists.

Andy served as Chair of Moore North America from 2006 to 2013, 协会驱动政策和指导策略. Through 摩尔的全球网络 Limited and a robust audit and international tax practice, he led Armanino into international regions such as China, 亚太地区和欧洲其他地区.

Andy is regularly asked to address industry association conferences. He has spoken to the general session of the AICPA on topics such as Recruiting and Retention, Building a Profitable CPA Firm and Compensating Firm Management. He is a member of the 美国注册会计师协会.





  • 乐鱼平台app
  • 亚瑟的年轻律师事务所


  • 摩尔北美副主席
  • 董事会成员,摩尔全球网络
  • 加州商业银行董事会成员
  • 青年会长组织(YPO)前委员
  • 奥克兰教区世俗领袖委员会董事会成员
  • 美国注册会计师协会
  • 加州注册会计师协会


  • 圣克拉拉大学



  • 天主教学校
  • 主教的世俗领袖委员会
  • 天主教慈善机构





  • Prime Symposium, The IPA Most Admired Peers Panel, Phoenix, AZ 2016
  • Moore Stephens European Conference, Managing Growth, Vienna, 2016
  • Moore Stephens North America Conference, Anatomy of a Merger, New York City, 2016
  • Best Practices Conference, Challenging the Status Quo – It’s Time, Chicago, 2016 
  • Moore Stephens China Conference, Firm Governance presentation, Haikou, China, 2014
  • IPA’s Prime Symposium, Panel: Behind the Curtains of the Best of the Best, Indianapolis, IN, 2014
  • Winning Is Everything – Future Trends panel, The 咨询 Board, Las Vegas, 2014
  • 阿玛尼诺领导会议,主题演讲,圣拉蒙,2014
  • Young Emerging Professionals Conference, San Francisco, 2014 and 2007
  • Moore Stephens European Conference, Leadership Panel, Paris, 2013
  • 摩尔斯蒂芬斯年度会议,主持人,合并 & 收购小组,拉斯维加斯,2013年
  • Moore Stephens International Conference, Global Strength, Leadership panel, Argentina, 2012
  • CFO Rising - CFO Pathway to Strategic Leadership, San Diego, 2011
  • The 咨询 Board Partner Compensation Symposium, Las Vegas, 2010
  • 大型公司管理合伙人小组,亚利桑那州,2007年
  • 赢就是一切——发展和管理增长


Q. 作为前管理合伙人,你最关注的是什么?

I focused on firm strategy, including the growth of the firm and the development of our people. I’m an entrepreneurial person who just happens to be in the accounting business, 我们是一家创业公司, 为我们的客户带来创新的乐鱼平台app. I believe we have an incredible impact on our clients’ businesses. We must always look for solutions to their issues that ultimately add value to their business.

I also wanted to ensure that our people were provided with the best training and tools to grow to their full potential; an environment where the best ideas are heard, 不管他们来自哪里. To help move the firm forward and make sure all levels of employees are engaged and heard, we created a Staff 咨询 Board and a Management 咨询 Board.

Q. 描述你最难忘的阿玛尼时刻.

When my father retired and I was able to stand up and talk about what he meant to the firm and to me. He was a strong but kind leader, and he built a firm that cared equally about clients and employees. 今天,我们继续接受这一遗产.

Q. 做一个预测. 描述你对未来业务的愿景.

There are several areas the accounting profession needs to address over the next few years. 一是维持我们的人才储备. 围绕人才发展的创造力至关重要, and we can’t follow the same old model of promoting people to partnership in a certain time frame. Leadership is at a premium, and we must reward our people based on merit, not age. 全球化是另一个领域. As the world gets smaller and technology continues to advance our ability to do business, we must be able to serve our clients with international expertise and access to global resources. 最后,数据的使用呈指数增长. Those firms that can provide clients with impactful analysis will win.

Q. 什么能给你的工作带来最大的满足感?

Working and collaborating with a wonderful collection of people. Watching them grow and accomplish their goals and the firm’s goals brings me great satisfaction. 我认为我们的球队是这个行业中最好的, 能够和这么多聪明的人互动, 有动力的人是令人兴奋的. 我也喜欢花时间做指导. I get the opportunity to teach leadership classes for Armanino U., 我们的内部学习和发展部门, and I work with the Staff 咨询 Board to develop our young leaders.

Q. 描述你的工作风格.

Approachable, highly collaborative, extremely focused, driven to succeed. The true satisfaction I receive is in working with our people and teaching them sound business principles. Putting our people first and passing on what I know helps them grow and succeed. I try to stress the collaborative nature of our business and how important it is for staff and clients to succeed together.

Q. What nugget of wisdom would you offer aspiring accountants?

对你的职业充满激情, 想要赢的内在动力, and be technically solid and focused on your ability to communicate knowledge to others, 在公司内部或外部. 我们的业务是以沟通为中心的. 你一定要玩得开心!